New Microsoft Advertisement

Did you already watch the new Microsoft advertisement? I think that it’s fantastic that Microsoft would want to splash USD$300 million on an advertising campaign. One would think that they should make better use of the money by coming out with better, improved products that are CHEAPER!

In any case, the ads have been made to counter Apple. I think it’s just a waste of money. People will always continue to have differences on which Operating System to go with. The best will be the open source free software, of course! LOL

However, people are talking about the ad, just like the advertising agency intended it to be. Mind you, they are talking about Bill Gates but not Microsoft. Hah! Maybe, now that he has out-acted Jerry Seinfeld, he may even be offered a cameo role in a Hollywood movie now that he has retired. How about a movie about Microsoft? Does anyone want to watch Bill Gates act?

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