Faster, Better Hotmail

I received an announcement from Windows Live Hotmail yesterday regarding their improvements on their email service, popularly known as just Hotmail.

According to the team, they plan to make Hotmail 70% faster than what we have now, in terms of loading and less clicks to reach our inbox. Please just give me a direct landing page to my inbox and headline news on one side so that if I have the time to read online news, I could access it on the side and not have them thrown in my face.

Anyway, I hardly access my Hotmail directly on the web because I use Outlook Express or via my iPhone. I get all my email without the frills. But one improvement I really would like to see with Hotmail, because it is my primary email, is faster load times and no more missing email! I know that each email passes through a couple of servers, or maybe more, but the culprit is highly likely Hotmail. If I get ALL my mail without delay, I am very happy already.

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