Charity Website

As if my internet activities are not enough, I just volunteered to set up a website for a temple that my father is an advisor to. I felt that without a web presence, they are not able to spread their name and provide knowledge on what Taoism is. Also, since we have many charitable activities, it would be a good idea to provide an easy way for the public to support such causes.

As this is a charity website, I have decided to bear the costs of domain name registration, web hosting, web designing and maintaining the website. I have got the name already and am in the midst of looking for cheap web hosting. I have read web hosting reviews on some of the major web hosts but I cannot yet make up my mind since I am trying to find the cheapest.

My friend told me to go with Lunarpages because she has had good experience hosting with them but I am not so sure yet. I still would like to make comparisons by myself instead of letting others decide for me. Whatever it is, I am trying my best to keep cost as low as possible since I would be forking out the money from my own pocket.

Once I got this settled, I will start looking for a web designer. HHmmm I wonder if there would be anyone who would not mind doing it for free.

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