Scrabulous Removed From Facebook

I just got the news a couple of hours ago that Hasbro, the rights holder of the game, Scrabble, in the United States, has sought to have Scrabulous removed from Facebook. The international rights holder of Scrabble is Mattel.

Although I am not a big time Facebooker, I know that Scrabulous is one of the more popular word games there and most of my friends are addicted to it. It’s kind of sad that the app has to be removed like that and the creators, Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla may possibly face court action.

So I guess my friends and other Scrabulous game players will have to get addicted to some other games; go back to their Mob Wars and Super Pokin’. And of course, I am sure somebody will start a petition to bring back Scrabulous to Facebook. Will it work? I guess it will if Mattel and Hasbro somehow make a profit from that!

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