Earn A University Degree Online

A friend of mine who makes money online from home says that she is lucky to be able to earn money wherever she is, as long as she has a computer and internet access. She says that although she only holds a high school degree, she is earning more than people who have a university degree.

However, she has always felt a lack because she did not attend college and I feel her pain. I know exactly what she means. No matter how much money we are able to earn, it is not the same as having paper qualification to our name.

Luckily we are living in the internet age where it is now possible to gain a university degree online. For people interested in obtaining an online university degree, they should always check that the online university is an accredited university like Capella University. Gaining a degree from an accredited university means that the degree will be recognized by most employers and that is what’s important even if we are not applying for a job with it!

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