Doctors Go High Tech

How many times have we the impression that doctors are not keeping up with technology. Last year, I mentioned before that my doctor wanted to set up a website but he does not know how and do not have the time to learn. He told me that after work, what he usually does is to pore over medical journals, research on cases on the web and video conference with doctors overseas.

Now, thanks to new software from Epocrates, doctors are able to check up drug information right from their PDA or mobile device. To keep up with the times, this software from Epocrates is also able to support the iPhone.

I am sure many of us already know about the comprehensive drug reference guide from Epocrates. By allowing doctors to access it easily through mobile CME via their electronic devices, doctors could obtain vital information on the go. This also means that doctors can narrow their margin of error in regards to side effects and reaction between two or more drugs.

*** This announcement was paid for by Epocrates ***

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