Apogee Condo, South Beach, Florida

If money is of no concern, I would have bought one of the condo units of Apogee Condo South Beach, Florida. If you check out the real estate website of South Beach which features some of the best homes in South Beach with a focus on Apogee Condo, then I am sure you will heartily agree with me.

I was told that residents of Apogee Condo are the rich and famous, sort of like the people we see in newspapers all the time. One of the key factors that they like staying here in Apogee Condo, or as a form of long term investment, is the location and prestigious address.

Did you know that Apogee Condo is great for people who own a boat? There’s a marina within walking distance and imagine sailing right to your own doorstep. Now, tell me that is not living the jet set life!

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