Maimun Yusuf [Tok Mun] Parliamentary Candidate Of The 12th Malaysian General Elections

I was so caught up in the 12trh Malaysian General Elections that I did not even find the time to write a post on Maimun Yusuf, a 89-year old lady who decided to be a parliamentary candidate in the 12th Malaysia General Elections that was just concluded.

I read that Tok Mun, as she is more popularly known as, has two young chaps helping her with her e-campaign and they set up a blog for her, a Facebook profile and recorded plenty of videos of her and published on YouTube.

At 89, many people were wondering why she even bothered to contest but contest she did and is now on her way to the Guinness Book of World Records.

I really gotta salute her for still being so strong and healthy and even running for a Parliamentary Seat! You should see the number of news reports and blog posts Tok Mun generated around the world!

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