Zeroing In On San Diego Real Estate

My friend, Paul, tells me that the economy in the United States is not so rosy right now. Another friend even told me that it is nearing recession. Is it already? That wouldn’t be good. However, Paul is of the logic that when people let go their properties, it is time to buy. Of course, he can say so since he has cash to spare.

Anyway, Paul said that perhaps these few months would be the time to zero in on his favorite Point Loma real estate. Point Loma is a beautiful luxurious seaside neighborhood in San Diego, California. Because of the prices, Paul said that if he does not buy during a downturn, he may never be able to own property there.

Another investment option would be North Park San Diego real estate but his first choice would still be Point Loma.

Whatever it is, Paul has already requested for San Diego foreclosure lists from a few local Realtors so that he could go through the properties. I told him not to hurry and wait till there is an economic direction in the nest couple of months. Right now, we don’t even know how the economic health is at, right?

But I guess, as an experienced property investor, Paul knows what he is doing. All the best to him, anyway!

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