Work and Volunteer Abroad

If you are a regular FaceBooker, I am sure you would have noticed the advertisement on going on a volunteering trip abroad. I checked out the site and we have to pay in order to be in the program. I did not like the programs offered but that gave me an idea to look for similar volunteer programme abroad.

Work and Volunteer is a website that I chanced upon that also offers similar volunteer programs. There are a few different programs that we can enrol in namely funded internships, paid internships and vacation language courses.

I think that it is great that there are such programmes made readily available for people to participate in. It is actually a win-win formula for both parties involved. One person gets to learn a new language or almost-free travel while the other party gets a volunteer.

I actually wanted to look for a volunteer program when I left school but we did not have the internet back then and there was no way I could look for such a volunteer program to participate in.

Most programmes on Work and Volunteer are for citizens of a European Union country but living in the United Kingdom who are above 18 years old. While for some programmes, the participant has to pay to join, some even will pay the volunteer an allowance.

I think this provides a wonderful opportunity for people, especially new graduates, a chance to see the world!

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