US$100 X 2 Advertiser Spend

I just realised not too long ago that I have received US$100 in advertiser spend in my advertiser account. Well, it would be greater if I could turn these into cash but I don’t think it is possible to sell them.

I have so many blogs that I don’t even know which to start advertising BUT honestly, do you think I want to have my fresh, new blogs linked from blogs that have been sand boxed? I think the only way to go about it would be to use Direct but I don’t even have the time for that.

If I had gotten this free advertiser fund a year ago, I would have been damn happy but now, being on the other side of the burnt, I know how it feels like for the blogger and I am not ready to mar my new blogs like that.

I did receive US$100 free in another account almost six months ago but it has been sitting pretty in my account and I don’t even have plans to do anything with the money. Oh yea, now I remember that I was supposed to verify my credit card but I did not. LOL Queen of Procrastinator here!

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