Posting Frequency As A Celebrity Gossip Blogger

There was a debate sometime back on the posting frequency of a blogger. I always believe that as a blogger, I post when and how many times I want. BUT some readers get annoyed when they see so many posts in their feed reader or whatever. Well, just unsubscribe, if that’s too much to swallow.

Anyway, I came across an article on being a successful celebrity blogger. According to the writer of the article, whom herself is a celebrity blogger, some people post as many as thirty times per day! As a celebrity blogger wannabe, running two new celebrity blogs, I really take my hat off to people who could post thirty times on the same blog per day.

I could probably do that as well if I have only one or two blogs to maintain but I have more than a dozen, man, each with different content and all I could do is post on every other day, the most.

Like these past couple of days, I have absolutely neglected my passion blogs while posting like mad on my cari makan blogs. Cari makan more important, you know?

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