Parliament Dissolved

So the Malaysian Parliament has been dissolved earlier today, as expected. There have been rumours that it would happen on 13thj February, 2008. However, it was just yesterday only that the top guy in the country was adamant in denying that today would be the day.

Doesn’t it piss you that despite knowing that politicians are perpetual liars who lie for a living, you still feel cheated when a lie is uncovered? Haha luckily I never listen to them.

Anyway, we already are prepared to go to the polls a long time ago LOL so WHEN it will happen is not an issue. So are you ready?? And no, you don’t have to tell me which party you will be voting for.

P/S: If you are endorsing a party candidate, why do you put an X for him/her? Isn’t that the strangest thing ever?

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