One Day Wasted

Did you know that I wasted one whole day trying to fix a template? This is for my iPhone blog. I wanted to find a really professional template and I managed to get a WordPress premium theme for free but I think because it is free there are many loose ends in the codes.

Of course, since I am still feeling my way blindly in CSS-ville, my progress is extremely slow. After installing my new theme, I already spent about three days tweaking it. There seems to be a problem here, a problem there which I discover by the day and I have to get them fixed or change to another template. And that means going back to the drawing board, starting from the point of searching for themes again.

Aiyoh.. I am so afraid!

Right now, I would say that I am 90% done and there are only a few more things to get done. I hope I don’t need to kacau people. They don’t like it when I ask, as if I like to ask in the first place, meh?

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