No Holiday

Over the weekend, my cousin returned from the city but he told us that he can’t stay long as he has to get back to work as soon as possible.

Did you know that being in the audio visual retail and rental business, while the rest of us are enjoying our Chinese New Year holidays, he would still have to work because this is the time people rent audio visual equipment for their garden parties and beer companies will be throwing street parties? This is the time when companies that deal with audio visual rentals, like part of my cousin’s company will have brisk business.

Well, if you think that they can get a break after the holidays, there won’t be a chance either because once offices are opened and the rest of the work force resumes work, companies will be looking to rent meeting and event management equipment. Like my friend, Michelle, who organizes some of the biggest seminars in the country, she will be looking to rent equipment like these.

It’s lucky that my cousin enjoys his work or it would really be very stressful.

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