Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

A few days ago, I was at a shopping mall where there was a Chinese opera performance. I was on the first floor watching the show that was on the ground floor. In front of the stage, there was a diamond jewelry store that had set up shop. They do have a proper store but since it was Chinese New Year and they expect the crowd to be in the concourse area, they also rented space there to exhibit their jewelry.

So I was on the first floor looking down and was rather surprised that there are people who would buy jewelry. I am sure you know that Ipoh folks are well known for their stinginess but I guess when it comes to jewelry for Valentine’s Day, they are willing to pay for it since it is a once a year affair.

This jeweler is well known for their range of Tiffany jewelry but I also noticed from their brochure that they also do sell cheap CZ jewelry. I guess there is a market for any kind of jewelry from different segments of society.

I wonder if anyone would be giving me my favorite sterling silver jewelry this Valentine’s Day. It’s tomorrow and my ESP is not picking up any signals!

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