Enrolling In An Online Tertiary Course

It’s the start of a brand new year once again and I am still not able to find time to enroll myself in a college. Like mentioned previously, I already know that my only hope of gaining a higher education is through online education. Elearning is nothing new to my family as my Uncle has an elearning institute where he arranges classes online for his students who are all working adults.

I was introduced to Capella University, an accredited university that has offline and online campuses and was established in 1993. I was told that I would be able to enroll in whatever course I am interested in because they do have many courses, from certification courses to undergraduate to post graduate studies. I could even study masters in psychology if I wanted to, provided I qualify, of course!

I know I have to be proactive and do something about it if I want to improve myself. I don’t want to procrastinate any longer!

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