Enough Of Family Reunion Gatherings

Over Chinese New Year holidays where everyone is back for a family reunion, it is not easy to get away from talk of investments, holidays and property ownerships. I don’t like any of these because each person would try to go one up against another and it gets kind of boring after a while, but to go through with this year after year ….

One Uncle would say that he has reservation for San Diego weekly rentals for his private holidays with his family and company trips for the staff. Another Uncle, upon hearing that, would go, “Hey, I OWN a San Diego beach house! I don’t need to rent for my holidays and in fact, I could RENT my beach house to you!” To get the last word in, yet another Uncle would say that he owns a quarter of San Diego real estate!

Of course, I am just giving an example of what could happen in a family reunion and that’s how it ends up most of the time. Who needs that anyway, right?

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