Edison Chen Pollutes The Internet With 500+ New Sex Photos

How long has it been since the leaked sex photos of Edison Chen leaked out on the internet? I guess it has been two weeks already. And after viewing the new sex photos of Edison Chen with Gillian Chung Yun-Tung, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Bobo Chan Man Woon [yes, MORE have been released] and with his current girlfriend, Vincy Yeung and at least three unidentified women, I am thinking, Hey, Edison is polluting the internet with PORN!

I guess everyone who is even slightly curious will be busy searching the internet for these photos. I tell you, for the sake of traffic, many people will have no qualms about publishing these new sex photos, just like those old ones a week ago, on their blogs and forums.

With people like Edison Chen shooting hundreds or possibly thousands of sex photos and having them on the internet, it is as if people haven’t go enough of porn to watch. OK, for those of you who pay for pom I think you can now cancel your subscription for at least two months as you porn pictures will be supplied by Edison Chen’s perpetrator from now on which his release of these sex photos little by little. It’s like watching a drama. The next episode will always seem more exciting when this episode ends in an anti-climax.

I still can’t decide if these photos are actually stills from videos. I guess I will have to scour YouTube and see what comes up 😀

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