Do You Fancy A Virtual Office?

As a one-woman business concern operating from home, one of the things that I need badly is an assistant but hiring someone is not practical since like I said, I work from home.

Paul, who works in New York, told me that in New York, and many parts of the United States, there are companies that offer virtual office services whereby a company outsource the administrative side of a company to companies that offer these services.

This means that people like me do not even need to set up a real office but we can have a virtual office instead, where real people will be answering our calls, receiving faxes or mail. Our calls and faxes will then be transmitted to us and we can pick up our mail from a REAL office address.

Having a virtual office has many plus points. For one, if you are like me, operating your business from home, I am sure you do not feel comfortable disclosing your home address in your correspondence. Sure, you can rent a Post Office Box but that does nothing to enhance the image of your business! Don’t you agree?

When you have a virtual office with real staff to handle your incoming calls, no longer are you afraid to get away for a little while and leave the phone line unattended. If you are also a one-person business entity, I am sure you know what I am talking about! It does nothing good if you have clients calling and in no one picks up the phone call.

Ah… if I were living in New York, I would have set up a virtual office in a heartbeat!

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