Decorating A Home

This Chinese New Year, my friend will be having an open house. Well, it is high time he showed off his new house to us. This house was completed at the end of last year but so far, this friend has not opened its doors to us yet. He said that he will only show it off when he has completed his interior decoration project.

Just last week, my friend was telling me how much he spent on dining room furniture alone. What does he expect when he wants everything to be classy, right? Moreover, you should see the bedroom furniture set that he chose from an online furniture store. It’s simply awesome and matches his personality to a T.

According to my friend, he is going to wrap up his contemporary living with convertible furniture in the living room. The clean lines of the design and contemporary styles and colors would be prefect for the architecture of his home.

So far, he has described all these to me in detail but come the holidays at the end of this week, I would be able to see for myself how beautiful he has designed and decorated his house. His wife would be so lucky!

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