Are You Ready To Vote In The Malaysia’s 12th General Election?

Malaysians who are registered voters will go to the polls on March 8th, 2008. Are you ready? Are you ALREADY registered as a voter? If you are not, I guess it is too late to register now. Why la wait till the last minute? You KNOW that you vote, every vote counts and it is your birth right to choose the people’s representative in your constituency.

Every General Election has interesting turns of events. There will be giant killers, there will be unexpected wins and losses. Who will win and who will lose? It’s all up to use to decide. Sure you may think that your one vote is just a drop in the bucket but imagine, a vote here and a vote there eventually adds up.

I may not be a political blogger but I do follow Malaysian politics closely and come from a very politically aware family. Heck, nowadays, wherever you go, I am sure your will be sucked into a kopishop political debate.

No matter who your favorite candidates are, that is supposed to be a secret so vote smartly, vote for the person who can DO something for you. Don’t only vote for the leng chais and leng luis la, OK?

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