Securing A Place At Top Universities

I used to think that people who managed to get into the top universities must be very smart but a few months ago, I discovered that there are people who utilize companies that provide college admission essays to secure a place in the university. I would not say that they are not smart but they are not taking any chances in giving themselves a better head start by getting into a top university and then work harder from there.

I did not know that top universities only accept the top ten percent of qualified applicants. Boy, that sure is competitive and can we blame these students for finding ways to get in?

Just now, I was told to check out a website of a company that offers college admission essays at They offer two kinds of services; writing the essay or revising the essay.

Of course, they charge fees according to how fast you want your essay done, the faster you want it, the more expensive it becomes but they also offer bulk discount so it is a good idea to get a few friends together to qualify for a bulk discount of up to 30% off regular prices.

Do you think that you want to use a service like that or will you slog out your college admission essay by yourself? What happens if you are not able to secure a place in a top university just because of ONE essay?

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