Launch of A Glitter Club

So yesterday was the launch of the glitter club of a local blog advertising network. Did you opt in? I did not. Mainly because I do have money at stake on the other blog advertising network, I have already cashed out a cheque from them while my money is still locked to this account. I won prizes through this company while I did not win any from this company. Sure, I did not even bother to participate, seeing how the inner crowd are always winner. Maybe I don’t carry enough balls. Maybe it is because the boss “hates Ipoh girls”. Whatever it is, I am not going to declare my love and loyalty for one company.

While I also do not “love” the other rival company, I am not going to put my eggs in one basket. By declaring your loyalty to this said company, you are effectively closing the door not on this rival company alone but on ALL other South East Asian blog advertising companies.

Although there aren’t that many companies in the industry right now, who is to say there won’t be any in the near future who could offer us better terms without enforcing all these limitations on us?

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