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Although I do not own a home, I am paying for the insurance of the home. How ironic. The other day, I had a talk with my mom about increasing the policy of our homeowners insurance because that policy was taken a long time ago and what my mom did was just renew it year in and out without considering that we now have many more valuable electrical and electronic items at home.

But how much should our home be insured for? My mom has yet to speak to our insurance agent. Just now, I was doing a little research to learn more about homeowners insurance before talking to our agent to increase our policy. Little did I know that keeping two large breed dogs in our home could be considered risky in terms of insurance coverage. I just read this information from a site called

Besides this article, there are also many articles on home security and information on homeowners insurance that I think every home owner should read because they are useful. Like I said, I don’t even own a home but I have to do this little research for my own knowledge and also because money is coming out of my own pocketbook *sigh*

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