I Can’t Access Hotmail On iPhone Anymore

I don’t know what happened but this morning, I was reading my Hotmail email messages and the next minute, I can’t even log into my account anymore! I tried logging in with another Hotmail account and it also does not work. I kept thinking maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me and that I have keyed in the wrong User ID or password… but they are correct.

I thought maybe the Hotmail server is down because retrieval from Outlook Express which I normally use, was f@rked up that’s why I was reading mail from my iPhone.

So I used my Nokia E61i and it was fine, I could log in. Isn’t that strange? I used my desktop and it was fine as well. Hhmmm I did a search on the internet to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem where we kept being looped to the log in page, sometimes with an error message that our User ID or password is wrong and sometimes without any error message at all, but there was no such posts on the web.

Urghh ultra frustrated!

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78 thoughts on “I Can’t Access Hotmail On iPhone Anymore”

  1. Hello,
    i am writing to let you know that i have the same problem with my iphone, i took it into the shop today and they suggested i do a restore of the phone through itunes. are you using the latest software, i am on 1.1.3
    let me know if you have had any joy.

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for your information. I am using firmware 1.1.1 but the problem is with Safari and it happened suddenly without any changes on my iPhone. I don’t know what has happened.

    I will not be updating my firmware for now because my wi-fi is currently down :(

  3. Hi everyone,

    I just want to let you know, i had the same problem, its fixed now

    No update or anything. Just go settings then safari and clear the cookies and cache.

    Hotmail working again, hope it works with you.

    Zach Steven

  4. Hi Zach,

    Thanks for sharing the solution.

    I actually found out that we have to sign out of our Hotmail account propery by clicking on the SIGN OUT link at the top right corner of the page if we navigate away from Safari. Otherwise, we cannot log in again.

    Another way is to just bookmark and visit http://mobile.live.com/

    I haven’t the time to update my post what with my broadband internet connection being down for ten days and computer down for two days after that. Bah!

  5. Hi Chris!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Actually, you have to log out of Hotmail properly each time you are done with emailing. Otherwise you will have to clear your cookies and cache again.

  6. I was having the same problem. Clear cache, cokies and history. Now everything works fine…

  7. Having tried all sorts of add-ons etc and having been told that it ‘cannot be done’ I was a bit sceptical about such an easy fix.
    BUT you’re right! Well done you people and thank you VERY much.

  8. Just wanted to say thank you Zach, you a life saver. I went into the apple store and they had no idea what to do.

    Just tried out what you said, and now i can access my hotmail again.

    Thank you

  9. Thank you so much! I have just been “dealing” with not checking hotmail on my iPhone since the end of March.

    Zach, you are amazing!

  10. Well my wife’s iphone could access to hotmail but it is not on the regular page but it is a list of folders and thats it. First thing i did was cleared out everything but it doesnt seem to work. Please let me know if you find any info on this or anyone has the same prbl. Thanks batieu@sbcglobal.net

  11. Benji- I am having the same problem on my iphone. When I go to the hotmail site to check my mail I get a mostly white screen with a few links to folders- that’s it. Lately I’m also not getting some personal emails- only spam and junk. I’m not sure if these are related. Can anyone help?

  12. Thank you so much Zych!!! You are the best!!! I can’t check my mail since last month …now I am glad and very thankful for your advise:)

  13. My iPhone has the same problem, hotmail was working fine and now I can’t log in at all! I’ve tried clearing cache and cookies several times but it’s not working for me :-(

  14. I can’t login hotmail via my iPhone also, but could u pls advice where I can clear cache, cookie & history via my phone. Thks.

  15. Go to Settings –> General –> Safari.

    At the end of the page you will be able to see options to clear History, Cookies and Cache.

    Good luck!

  16. This is not working for me. I changed my Hotmail password and then was unable to access my email on my iPhone where previously I could. It keeps telling me…
    Cannot Get Mail
    The user name or password for “****@hotmail.co.uk” is incorrect.
    It isn’t though! I changed it and ever since I cannot see my mail.
    Really frustrated. Any ideas?

  17. Further to my last post… I also get the message
    The user name or password for “pop3.live.com” is incorrect.

  18. Hi Kathryn,

    Sorry to hear of your frustrations with Hotmail on iPhone. May I know if you changed your Hotmail password from your computer or iPhone itself?

    Are you accessing your Hotmail from the Mail account feature or via a browser? In my post above, I was accessing Hotmail from Safari.

    Based on what you have written, it looks like you have used the wrong password to access your account. Perhaps you should try using your previous password?

  19. Hi
    Thanks for your reply. I was using two Hotmail accounts from the ‘Mail’ button on the front screen of my iPhone 3G. Easy to set up and to view my mail. It was perfect.
    Then I changed my hotmail passwords via my Hotmail account on my computer and then i changed the passwords to the same on my iPhone mail accounts and have never been able to access the Hotmail accounts from my iPhone again. I have tried going back to my old password and that doesn’t work. I have put in a friends Hotmail account into my phone and that works fine. So it is just the two mail accounts that were originally working but now don’t.
    Any ideaS? Gosh that reads confusing! Sorry.


  20. Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks for your explanation. I do understand what you are facing.

    Your problem really is strange. Have you tried removing the account entirely, clear your cache and then set it up again.

    And just for added measure, my account settings are as follow:

    Use SSL: ON
    Authentication: Password
    Server Port: 995

  21. I’m having this very problem. I tried to sign into hotmail one day on my computer and my password wasn’t working. made me click forgot my password and go through all that process, I changed my password to the exact same password then my iphone stopped working saying the very thing kathryn is saying. I just changed it again, and put in the new password on my phone and it’s still not working. I’ve deleted cookies and all that jazz as well… I don’t want to delete my account because I don’t want to loose many of the emails I have on here, because most of them have been deleted from my computer hotmail account… need to get this fixed asap I depend on this phone to work!

  22. I have had my hotmail account setup on my iPhone 3G for over a year now and it has always worked until recently today it was working and all of the sudden it stopped and it gives me errors saying the password and or username is wrong when I never even went into the settings to change a thing! Here i have went ahead and followed the many different suggestions that i have read here, however none of them are helpful. I due feel that this is a problem with Hotmail and since I don’t pay for my hotmail email they probably are having technical dificulties and we, the people who don’t pay for our accounts are not in their priorities to fix the problem as timely as we would like them to.
    Just a guess!

  23. i have the same problem i have a hotmail and an msn account on my i phone and today can only access the msn account not the hotmail i just get wrong username or password been fine till today

  24. Having the same problem. Clearing cache, history etc., does absolutely nothing. I keep getting username & password failures and pop3.live server failure. I have never changed my password on my account, so I know that’s not the problem. I can still access my account via web browser, but who wants to do that every time? I’m heading over to apple today and will post their suggestion.

  25. i am having the same problem, all of a sudden i could not access email account on iphone, i have cleared cache and all other suggestions, i have even done a system restore on my main computer but nothing is working, i called apple technical support and they said that its nothing to do with the phone, i have added my husbands gmail account through settings etc.. and hes email account works fine, so i thought maybe its hotmail but i tried with another msn.com account and this too worked fine!! please help!!!

  26. Hi, having problems here too. Worked fine and this evening I’m getting messages saying the pass word is incorrect for the account and the Pop3 settings

  27. I’m having the same problem. I called ATT, and the problem seems to be with Hotmail. As there really is no way to contact Hotmail, and no answers on the internet, I plan on closing the account unless someone can figure this out today.

  28. Had the same problem today. Apple had me do a bunch of things. What worked was deleting hotmail account on phone, going into SETTINGS/GENERAL/RESET /RESET NETWORK SETTINGS. phone powers down and apple shows up on screen. then i set up the mail account and it worked. They also had me change password for account via laptop and then in iphone , but that most likely was not necessary . Chris

  29. Hello again just to let you all know that it started working again on my iPhone 3G. It was a problem with the hotmail side and had nothing to do with me.
    I shouldn’t have followed any of the tips online to fix this problem because none of them tell you that it is the hotmail servers that are fucked up.
    Glad everything is working now.

    Now come to think about it before this all happened I had tried sending emails that were stuck in my hotmail outbox and I was in an area with little to no signal and had tried to send the 2 emails in the outbox many times and they wouldn’t send. After I got a 3G connection itstill wouldn’t send. I’m thinking that it clogged up the hotmail server somehow for my hotmail account alone and became unavailable through the pop3 / smtp settings. This same thing happened to me with MS Outlook 2007 when I had something in my outbox and very little to no connection and I had to completely delete my account from outlook and start over, but even after that outlook wouldn’t work anymore. I had to wait just like I did with having the hotmail accnt setup on my iPhone 3G.
    My advice is to send one thing at a time and if u barely have an Internet connection than DO NOT send emails because they will fuck up the pop3 and smtp from being able to send and receive PERIOD.
    During these problems I was able to go directly to hotmail.com and check and send emails because through the browser you are not using those special gateways or whatever it takes for your hotmail to be sent to outlook or to your iPhone. (POP3.live.com / smtp.live.com)

  30. *sigh*
    people you need to read my last post to FULLY understand this issue.
    AT&T can’t do shit for you. The problem exists through the hotmail gateways as I explained in my last posting.
    It is up and running for me again like it should be. You just have to give it time. I’m guessing about a full day to recover itself.
    Read my last posting and get back with me.

  31. HI BEN! thank you so much for you post i feel so much better! i just recently had the flippin problem like 2hours ago.. and i think i will have to be patient and wait til tomorrow and see if my hotmail is working.. both on my Iphone Mail and Hotmail on my browser (even on my laptop) isnt workin.. so i think HOTMAIL is effin farked for some reason.. but thank you soo much ben!! you actually made soo much sense with all these stuff that is happening!!

  32. Thanks for the info Ben.

    Is there anyone in the UK with the same problem or is it just America?

  33. i had the same problem Kathryn Forgan had. After changing the hotmail password on my laptop, I have not been able to access email on iPhone. i have deleted and created the account numerous time but it keeps complaining the username or password is incorrect.
    could someone help??

  34. Hi

    I had the same problem. But I solved it. Put the new password on iphone. Turn the power off on iphone.wait couple of seconds, Turn it on again,Delete the hot mail account from iphone and turn the power off.wait couple of seconds and on it again and then create the hot mail account again with the new password. It should work now

  35. I can’t access my hotmail emails from my iphone since changing my password on my hotmail account from my laptop. I also get problems when trying to set up account on phone which says “cannot get mail. The username or password for ‘pop3.live.com’ is incorrect”. However I can accesss my account from my laptp & also use my msn to chat on my iphone using these very same username & password.HELP!!!…I’ve tried deleting account on iphone & re-entering details time & time again. Also tried rebooting phone & restoring to factory settings using itunes (which was long)…also deleted cookies,clear cache & history etc but nothing has worked. Any other ideas that have worked???. My gmail works fine on iphone. Please help.

  36. Just to update you on my final success…
    I’ve managed to access my hotmail email again..YAYYYYY..

    As said i’ve tried all the suggestions & finally I thought i’d try to do the last suggestion of changing my password on my hotmail accunt from my laptop…
    So I deleted the deatils I had entered on iphone trying to connect to hotmail account…
    I changed password on my hotmail account on latop..
    turned off my iphone by rebooting it (holding center button & power button till it switches off)…
    Turn back on & go to settings-mail-add account (with new password)
    Suddenly IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hi Ren,

    I am so happy for you that you have resolved the issue.

    You know, I deleted my Hotmail account from my iPhone recently because I found, to my chagrin, that I lost two weeks’ worth of email messages in my Hotmail account after I accessed my Hotmail inbox from iPhone and tapping on “load more messages”!

    This doesn’t happen on Gmail, luckily. Is this happening to anyone else??

  38. Hotmail recently upgraded their client and now I have to log in every time I access hotmail on my Iphone (even though I have the “keep me logged in” box checked). I use Safari to access. With my big fingers typing in all that info each time is a pain. Is this same issue as those above? Comment? Thanks.

  39. I had same problem this morning. I havent tried accessing from safari as my hotmail is in email accounts. In addition to above comments ‘hotmail’ is now insisting on adding a device (i.e. your phone ) in account settings under windows live top right. Beware each alert costs 20p, this is not for me I have deleted email accounts from my iphone. Im finished with hotmail on iphone at that cost.

  40. A wee update have discovered hotmail is now available by adding account as ‘Microsoft exchange’ on iPhone at no cost

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