I Can’t Access Hotmail On iPhone Anymore

January 23, 2008 – 12:35 am

I don’t know what happened but this morning, I was reading my Hotmail email messages and the next minute, I can’t even log into my account anymore! I tried logging in with another Hotmail account and it also does not work. I kept thinking maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me and that I have keyed in the wrong User ID or password… but they are correct.

I thought maybe the Hotmail server is down because retrieval from Outlook Express which I normally use, was f@rked up that’s why I was reading mail from my iPhone.

So I used my Nokia E61i and it was fine, I could log in. Isn’t that strange? I used my desktop and it was fine as well. Hhmmm I did a search on the internet to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem where we kept being looped to the log in page, sometimes with an error message that our User ID or password is wrong and sometimes without any error message at all, but there was no such posts on the web.

Urghh ultra frustrated!

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  1. 78 Responses to “I Can’t Access Hotmail On iPhone Anymore”

  2. Hello,
    i am writing to let you know that i have the same problem with my iphone, i took it into the shop today and they suggested i do a restore of the phone through itunes. are you using the latest software, i am on 1.1.3
    let me know if you have had any joy.

    By Ashley Wilde on Jan 26, 2008

  3. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for your information. I am using firmware 1.1.1 but the problem is with Safari and it happened suddenly without any changes on my iPhone. I don’t know what has happened.

    I will not be updating my firmware for now because my wi-fi is currently down :(

    By The Artist on Jan 26, 2008

  4. Hi everyone,

    I just want to let you know, i had the same problem, its fixed now

    No update or anything. Just go settings then safari and clear the cookies and cache.

    Hotmail working again, hope it works with you.

    Zach Steven

    By zach Steven on Feb 1, 2008

  5. Hi Zach,

    Thanks for sharing the solution.

    I actually found out that we have to sign out of our Hotmail account propery by clicking on the SIGN OUT link at the top right corner of the page if we navigate away from Safari. Otherwise, we cannot log in again.

    Another way is to just bookmark and visit http://mobile.live.com/

    I haven’t the time to update my post what with my broadband internet connection being down for ten days and computer down for two days after that. Bah!

    By The Artist on Feb 1, 2008

  6. Hi i was having the same problem
    clear the cookies and cache.
    and now works fine

    Thanks to Zach and you all

    By CHRIS on Feb 18, 2008

  7. Hi Chris!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Actually, you have to log out of Hotmail properly each time you are done with emailing. Otherwise you will have to clear your cookies and cache again.

    By The Artist on Feb 18, 2008

  8. That was incredibly helpful, thank you Zach!

    By Annie on Mar 20, 2008

  9. Hi Annie,

    I’m glad to know that you iPhone / Hotmail problem is solved already!

    By The Artist on Mar 21, 2008

  10. I was having the same problem. Clear cache, cokies and history. Now everything works fine…

    By DartVeiga on Apr 17, 2008

  11. Having tried all sorts of add-ons etc and having been told that it ‘cannot be done’ I was a bit sceptical about such an easy fix.
    BUT you’re right! Well done you people and thank you VERY much.

    By GW on May 1, 2008

  12. Hi DartVeiga & GW,

    Thanks for your confirmation that Zach’s solution is the solution 😀

    By The Artist on May 1, 2008

  13. Just wanted to say thank you Zach, you a life saver. I went into the apple store and they had no idea what to do.

    Just tried out what you said, and now i can access my hotmail again.

    Thank you

    By Nick on May 5, 2008

  14. Thank you so much! I have just been “dealing” with not checking hotmail on my iPhone since the end of March.

    Zach, you are amazing!

    By Jenn on Jul 16, 2008

  15. Well my wife’s iphone could access to hotmail but it is not on the regular page but it is a list of folders and thats it. First thing i did was cleared out everything but it doesnt seem to work. Please let me know if you find any info on this or anyone has the same prbl. Thanks batieu@sbcglobal.net

    By benji on Feb 27, 2009

  16. It would say safari cannot open page, and it would recommend me to change my vertical/horizontal setting etc….

    By benji on Feb 27, 2009

  17. Benji- I am having the same problem on my iphone. When I go to the hotmail site to check my mail I get a mostly white screen with a few links to folders- that’s it. Lately I’m also not getting some personal emails- only spam and junk. I’m not sure if these are related. Can anyone help?

    By Stephanie on Mar 6, 2009

  18. Thank you so much Zych!!! You are the best!!! I can’t check my mail since last month …now I am glad and very thankful for your advise:)

    By Kan on Jun 26, 2009

  19. My iPhone has the same problem, hotmail was working fine and now I can’t log in at all! I’ve tried clearing cache and cookies several times but it’s not working for me :-(

    By Theresa on Sep 8, 2009

  20. I can’t login hotmail via my iPhone also, but could u pls advice where I can clear cache, cookie & history via my phone. Thks.

    By Nueng on Apr 4, 2010

  21. Go to Settings –> General –> Safari.

    At the end of the page you will be able to see options to clear History, Cookies and Cache.

    Good luck!

    By The Artist on Apr 4, 2010

  22. This is not working for me. I changed my Hotmail password and then was unable to access my email on my iPhone where previously I could. It keeps telling me…
    Cannot Get Mail
    The user name or password for “****@hotmail.co.uk” is incorrect.
    It isn’t though! I changed it and ever since I cannot see my mail.
    Really frustrated. Any ideas?

    By Kathryn Forgan on Apr 20, 2010

  23. Further to my last post… I also get the message
    The user name or password for “pop3.live.com” is incorrect.

    By Kathryn Forgan on Apr 20, 2010

  24. Hi Kathryn,

    Sorry to hear of your frustrations with Hotmail on iPhone. May I know if you changed your Hotmail password from your computer or iPhone itself?

    Are you accessing your Hotmail from the Mail account feature or via a browser? In my post above, I was accessing Hotmail from Safari.

    Based on what you have written, it looks like you have used the wrong password to access your account. Perhaps you should try using your previous password?

    By The Artist on Apr 21, 2010

  25. Hi
    Thanks for your reply. I was using two Hotmail accounts from the ‘Mail’ button on the front screen of my iPhone 3G. Easy to set up and to view my mail. It was perfect.
    Then I changed my hotmail passwords via my Hotmail account on my computer and then i changed the passwords to the same on my iPhone mail accounts and have never been able to access the Hotmail accounts from my iPhone again. I have tried going back to my old password and that doesn’t work. I have put in a friends Hotmail account into my phone and that works fine. So it is just the two mail accounts that were originally working but now don’t.
    Any ideaS? Gosh that reads confusing! Sorry.


    By Kathryn Forgan on Apr 21, 2010

  26. Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks for your explanation. I do understand what you are facing.

    Your problem really is strange. Have you tried removing the account entirely, clear your cache and then set it up again.

    And just for added measure, my account settings are as follow:

    Use SSL: ON
    Authentication: Password
    Server Port: 995

    By The Artist on Apr 21, 2010

  27. I’m having this very problem. I tried to sign into hotmail one day on my computer and my password wasn’t working. made me click forgot my password and go through all that process, I changed my password to the exact same password then my iphone stopped working saying the very thing kathryn is saying. I just changed it again, and put in the new password on my phone and it’s still not working. I’ve deleted cookies and all that jazz as well… I don’t want to delete my account because I don’t want to loose many of the emails I have on here, because most of them have been deleted from my computer hotmail account… need to get this fixed asap I depend on this phone to work!

    By Matt Duffett on May 6, 2010

  28. I have had my hotmail account setup on my iPhone 3G for over a year now and it has always worked until recently today it was working and all of the sudden it stopped and it gives me errors saying the password and or username is wrong when I never even went into the settings to change a thing! Here i have went ahead and followed the many different suggestions that i have read here, however none of them are helpful. I due feel that this is a problem with Hotmail and since I don’t pay for my hotmail email they probably are having technical dificulties and we, the people who don’t pay for our accounts are not in their priorities to fix the problem as timely as we would like them to.
    Just a guess!

    By Ben Henderson on May 12, 2010

  29. i have the same problem i have a hotmail and an msn account on my i phone and today can only access the msn account not the hotmail i just get wrong username or password been fine till today

    By pete wright on May 12, 2010

  30. Having the same problem. Clearing cache, history etc., does absolutely nothing. I keep getting username & password failures and pop3.live server failure. I have never changed my password on my account, so I know that’s not the problem. I can still access my account via web browser, but who wants to do that every time? I’m heading over to apple today and will post their suggestion.

    By Brad on May 13, 2010

  31. i am having the same problem, all of a sudden i could not access email account on iphone, i have cleared cache and all other suggestions, i have even done a system restore on my main computer but nothing is working, i called apple technical support and they said that its nothing to do with the phone, i have added my husbands gmail account through settings etc.. and hes email account works fine, so i thought maybe its hotmail but i tried with another msn.com account and this too worked fine!! please help!!!

    By laura faratro on May 13, 2010

  32. Hi, having problems here too. Worked fine and this evening I’m getting messages saying the pass word is incorrect for the account and the Pop3 settings

    By Andy Y on May 13, 2010

  33. I’m having the same problem. I called ATT, and the problem seems to be with Hotmail. As there really is no way to contact Hotmail, and no answers on the internet, I plan on closing the account unless someone can figure this out today.

    By M on May 13, 2010

  34. Had the same problem today. Apple had me do a bunch of things. What worked was deleting hotmail account on phone, going into SETTINGS/GENERAL/RESET /RESET NETWORK SETTINGS. phone powers down and apple shows up on screen. then i set up the mail account and it worked. They also had me change password for account via laptop and then in iphone , but that most likely was not necessary . Chris

    By Chris Skelly on May 13, 2010

  35. Hello again just to let you all know that it started working again on my iPhone 3G. It was a problem with the hotmail side and had nothing to do with me.
    I shouldn’t have followed any of the tips online to fix this problem because none of them tell you that it is the hotmail servers that are fucked up.
    Glad everything is working now.

    Now come to think about it before this all happened I had tried sending emails that were stuck in my hotmail outbox and I was in an area with little to no signal and had tried to send the 2 emails in the outbox many times and they wouldn’t send. After I got a 3G connection itstill wouldn’t send. I’m thinking that it clogged up the hotmail server somehow for my hotmail account alone and became unavailable through the pop3 / smtp settings. This same thing happened to me with MS Outlook 2007 when I had something in my outbox and very little to no connection and I had to completely delete my account from outlook and start over, but even after that outlook wouldn’t work anymore. I had to wait just like I did with having the hotmail accnt setup on my iPhone 3G.
    My advice is to send one thing at a time and if u barely have an Internet connection than DO NOT send emails because they will fuck up the pop3 and smtp from being able to send and receive PERIOD.
    During these problems I was able to go directly to hotmail.com and check and send emails because through the browser you are not using those special gateways or whatever it takes for your hotmail to be sent to outlook or to your iPhone. (POP3.live.com / smtp.live.com)

    By Ben Henderson on May 13, 2010

  36. *sigh*
    people you need to read my last post to FULLY understand this issue.
    AT&T can’t do shit for you. The problem exists through the hotmail gateways as I explained in my last posting.
    It is up and running for me again like it should be. You just have to give it time. I’m guessing about a full day to recover itself.
    Read my last posting and get back with me.

    By Ben Henderson on May 13, 2010

  37. HI BEN! thank you so much for you post i feel so much better! i just recently had the flippin problem like 2hours ago.. and i think i will have to be patient and wait til tomorrow and see if my hotmail is working.. both on my Iphone Mail and Hotmail on my browser (even on my laptop) isnt workin.. so i think HOTMAIL is effin farked for some reason.. but thank you soo much ben!! you actually made soo much sense with all these stuff that is happening!!

    By Cyndi Terry on May 22, 2010

  38. Thanks for the info Ben.

    Is there anyone in the UK with the same problem or is it just America?

    By Luke on Jun 7, 2010

  39. You’ve tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect e-mail address or password

    By oliver khoury on Jun 18, 2010

  40. i had the same problem Kathryn Forgan had. After changing the hotmail password on my laptop, I have not been able to access email on iPhone. i have deleted and created the account numerous time but it keeps complaining the username or password is incorrect.
    could someone help??

    By artistique on Jun 22, 2010

  41. Hi

    I had the same problem. But I solved it. Put the new password on iphone. Turn the power off on iphone.wait couple of seconds, Turn it on again,Delete the hot mail account from iphone and turn the power off.wait couple of seconds and on it again and then create the hot mail account again with the new password. It should work now

    By alston on Jun 29, 2010

  42. I can’t access my hotmail emails from my iphone since changing my password on my hotmail account from my laptop. I also get problems when trying to set up account on phone which says “cannot get mail. The username or password for ‘pop3.live.com’ is incorrect”. However I can accesss my account from my laptp & also use my msn to chat on my iphone using these very same username & password.HELP!!!…I’ve tried deleting account on iphone & re-entering details time & time again. Also tried rebooting phone & restoring to factory settings using itunes (which was long)…also deleted cookies,clear cache & history etc but nothing has worked. Any other ideas that have worked???. My gmail works fine on iphone. Please help.

    By Ren on Jul 26, 2010

  43. Just to update you on my final success…
    I’ve managed to access my hotmail email again..YAYYYYY..

    As said i’ve tried all the suggestions & finally I thought i’d try to do the last suggestion of changing my password on my hotmail accunt from my laptop…
    So I deleted the deatils I had entered on iphone trying to connect to hotmail account…
    I changed password on my hotmail account on latop..
    turned off my iphone by rebooting it (holding center button & power button till it switches off)…
    Turn back on & go to settings-mail-add account (with new password)
    Suddenly IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Ren on Jul 26, 2010

  44. Hi Ren,

    I am so happy for you that you have resolved the issue.

    You know, I deleted my Hotmail account from my iPhone recently because I found, to my chagrin, that I lost two weeks’ worth of email messages in my Hotmail account after I accessed my Hotmail inbox from iPhone and tapping on “load more messages”!

    This doesn’t happen on Gmail, luckily. Is this happening to anyone else??

    By The Artist on Jul 27, 2010

  45. Hotmail recently upgraded their client and now I have to log in every time I access hotmail on my Iphone (even though I have the “keep me logged in” box checked). I use Safari to access. With my big fingers typing in all that info each time is a pain. Is this same issue as those above? Comment? Thanks.

    By Frank Harwood on Aug 2, 2010

  46. Hi Frank,

    I think a lot of us here do not access our Hotmail account through the browser, hence, we are unable to confirm your issue.

    By The Artist on Aug 11, 2010

  47. Cris, UR info was very hepful. Thanks

    By Raj on Aug 19, 2010

  48. I had same problem this morning. I havent tried accessing from safari as my hotmail is in email accounts. In addition to above comments ‘hotmail’ is now insisting on adding a device (i.e. your phone ) in account settings under windows live top right. Beware each alert costs 20p, this is not for me I have deleted email accounts from my iphone. Im finished with hotmail on iphone at that cost.

    By Gillian McN on Sep 10, 2010

  49. Hi,

    REN resolution has worked for me….many thanks to you REN


    By Chris G on Oct 8, 2010

  50. A wee update have discovered hotmail is now available by adding account as ‘Microsoft exchange’ on iPhone at no cost

    By Gillian McN on Oct 8, 2010

  51. Nothing else worked for me except using ‘Microsoft Exchange’ as Gillian McN posted. Thanks Gillian! I tried IzyMail with no luck, I tried deleting my old account and entering again. Re booting and clearing cookies too but nothing worked except deleting old account and going through Microsoft Exchange.

    Instructions on this link…


    Good Luck.

    By erubio on Nov 28, 2010

  52. sorry!!! That is the wrong link. The correct link is


    By erubio on Nov 28, 2010

  53. Hi All, just turn on your JavaScript from Setting–>Safari & look for JavaScript.

    By Kelvin on Dec 9, 2010

  54. i had the same issue of changing the password in hotmail and then i changed it on my iphone but it kept saying it was not working.

    what i did was i went into Mail first and changed the password to what I changed it to on the hotmail website. i then went to itunes with my iphone plugged into my computer ready to be synced.

    I went to the “info” tab and then made sure that the mail accounts were checked off. I then clicked sync and a message came up saying something with “pop3″ in it and the computer wants to access it…i clicked allow and then it works fine now.

    By Rachel Snaidero on Dec 16, 2010

  55. this just fixed the problem for me thanks ren…lots of vey genuine happy happy joy joy love stimpy

    Just to update you on my final success…
    I’ve managed to access my hotmail email again..YAYYYYY..

    As said i’ve tried all the suggestions & finally I thought i’d try to do the last suggestion of changing my password on my hotmail accunt from my laptop…
    So I deleted the deatils I had entered on iphone trying to connect to hotmail account…
    I changed password on my hotmail account on latop..
    turned off my iphone by rebooting it (holding center button & power button till it switches off)…
    Turn back on & go to settings-mail-add account (with new password)
    Suddenly IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By louis on Jan 16, 2011

  56. Hi can anyone help….I can sign into my hotmail on Iphone4 …message keeps appearing saying Windows live ID requires Javascript?? It has been working fine but suddenly stopped ??

    By jem on Feb 4, 2011

  57. Hi,
    Ive tried everything that you guys suggest here, nothing is working.
    Use 3gs MAIL (not safari) to enter my hotmail.

    Ive now:
    First updated to latest software. (havent done any uptates in a while)

    1. deleted my 2 accounts in my iphone.
    2. changed password on a laptop
    3. reboot my iphone
    4. turn on again and put my info incl new password.
    Not working!

    I dont know what to do now, please help!

    By lis on Jul 6, 2011

  58. GOT IT!

    Follow this guide and its fixed!


    By lis on Jul 6, 2011

  59. i have followed everything on here. Waited a day. Tried the last post. And still nothing. Keeps saying user name and pw is incorrect. I can’t access it on safari.

    When I tried the exchange it says it can’t verify my account details.

    By Mark on Jul 21, 2011

  60. I had the same problemo.
    Changed my password on my PC, then put the new password into my iphone.
    I could receive emails but could not send them.

    What i did was to remove my hotmail account from the iphone and then put it back on but with a different name. I simply changed the name from Hotmail to msn mail.

    It took maybe 5 mins, then it downloaded all current emails in my inbox.


    By Durk Diggler on Aug 24, 2011

  61. I had my msn email on my iphone working good till last 2 days and it stopped. Had settings reset and it worked for 2 days and then stopped.

    deleted account, put in back in and the little wheel just goes round and round! The connections are right but nothing! But got hotmail on safari then made a new icon for hotmail and it works great!

    But the blue icon still turns the wheel!

    By Kai on Sep 11, 2011

  62. I havent changed my password or anything. everything was fine and then after a few hours with no signal and not checking my phone i was at home, with full internet connection and it said the address/password was incorrect.
    i dont doubt its a hotmail problem, could it be that i have been hacked? havent had the chance to get online with my laptop but will try later today

    By Gina on Sep 23, 2011

  63. Oh My Gosh! Tried all of the above with no joy after changing my hotmail password on my PC and hotmail no longer working on iphone! Deleted and tried to set up account again about 30 times. Spoke to 3 network (England) and Apple Care for over an hour. No joy! Read some random website and tried what someone had mentioned with RESULT.

    My new password was too long! I think the iphone only recognises the first 14 characters (didn’t test this) and my password was 17 characters long. Changed it 5 minutes ago to 8 characters. Went to my iphone and set up my hotmail account again, NO PROBLEMS. The relief! I have been working on this since I woke up this morning. Hope this helps someone else.

    By Michelle on Oct 20, 2011

  64. I had this problem too….the thing with me was that I was writing the old password. :)

    By Miriam on Nov 1, 2011

  65. I’ve been faced with the same problem since yesterday. I changed my hotmail password on the main computer then updated this to my iPhone. It didn’t work at all. So I could use my new password to access hotmail via sfarai on iPhone or on any computer/laptop through the internet but not through the iPhone e-mail push service. I did everything possible, found this webpage hoping to get some magic formulae but I did try all the tricks on here already. Michelle you have saved the day!!! Thank you. There must be a limit on password characters. I shortened my password on the computer, updated on iPhone and it all works beautifully.

    By Dani on Nov 14, 2011

  66. Hi all thank you Michelle for your comment, It worked for me the password was tooooo long hehehe happy days, just changed the password to a shorter one, added the account again on iphone 3gs and 4s and presto!
    All working fine.

    thank you again Michelle

    By Omar on Dec 13, 2011

  67. Thanks Michelle. I have a iPhone4S and reset my password on my computer. Then when it came to updating the password on my iPhone it no longer worked. Thought it would take a day for the “systems” to update as such over night. After a week of being very patient, reseting my phone, deleting the account then adding it again numerous times. I finally came across your solution. I had changed my new password to 17 characters, then after reading your insert shortened it to 11 and it worked! Presto, you’re a genius and I’m a happy camper again.

    By Karen on Dec 19, 2011

  68. The new iPhone update has fixed the problem. Just delete your hotmail account on your phone and recreate it. Use the Hotmail icon inside your Settings-Mails, contact, calendars – add new account and it should work know. Hotmail changed their servers from Pop3 to Exchange and that’s why it stopped working.

    By JT on Dec 21, 2011

  69. MICHELLE! YOU’RE A LIFESAVER! I find it incredible that AT&T, Apple, and Hotmail were unaware of this. Unreal – how could no one have supplied the answer? Ridiculous.

    By DS on Jan 20, 2012

  70. forced to change password in hotmail on laptop…then had the same problem with iphone not recognizing account…tried several things listed here but i think the one that finally worked was making sure i didn’t have too many letters in my password! rebooted and deleted account to be safe, and then added new account with new password…whatever solution it was, it worked. thanks!

    By laurie on Jan 20, 2012

  71. Michelle, you are brilliant! I changed my password yesterday making it slightly longer and suddenly my Hotmail on my iphone disappeared. I spent over an hour at the AT&T store today where the very helpful young man was absolutely stumped. I came home, read your post, shortened my password, and my email was back. Thank you!!

    By Karen on Jan 27, 2012

  72. After many failed attempts using other suggestions, my problem was finally resolved as well by shortening my password.

    Thx for the tip!

    By Marcos on Feb 23, 2012

  73. To all. I had this problem also and changed my password . this is does solve the problem temporarily. However after a few weeks my phone would not login to hotmail and essentially have the same problem.basically this problem is caused by microsofts very common incompotence. By changing their servers to exchangevand not pop3 they created this disaster for all. So lets all thank microsoft for constantly selling us all crap

    By cameron on Feb 28, 2012

  74. Don’t forget to turn your iPhone off then back on after clearing cache and cookies. That is what worked for me.

    By ReplayJay on Jan 5, 2013

  75. Hi,

    Up until today, I could send e-mails from my hotmail accoutn on my ipod. As of 1 hour ago, nothing seems to work when I would like to send a mail.

    The problem happened after changing my password on my hotmail account on my laptop, before trying to change it on my ipod.

    I have read your suggestions and, although they seem to work out for many of you, I can not delete my old account as it holds many e-mails that no longer exist on my laptop.


    By crazymoon on Feb 22, 2013

  76. New update:

    In addition, I tried creating a new account using my old e-mail address with Exchange –> Same problem.

    *Wants to rip her hair out*

    By crazymoon on Feb 22, 2013

  77. i had same issue
    after reading this i was going to delete and re set up, but first i did add a new email and used the hotmail one that wouldn’t work with new password as the new account. it worked so i tried using the old hotmail one that kept giving the user name or password error and it suddenly worked again. now i have two of the same,lol, i guess i’ll leave them doubled up for now until it seems i’m in the clear for several days. strange but it worked…

    By skatetx on Apr 9, 2013

  78. If you are having issues sending or receiving Hotmail on your iPhone delete account and add outlook and put your Hotmail email in it.It will work.

    By Brent on Jul 10, 2014

  79. unable to set hotmailaccount on iPhone 6.password is reset but still it does not set on iPhone 6.please help urgerntly.

    By forum on Mar 9, 2015

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