Just when I thought that I am making good progress with Double N, despite the glitch of a couple of days ago with A, I and all publishers of Double N received the news that they are rolling our exclusive membership for people who will only publish advertisements through this local company only, and not through any other advertisement brokers from South East Asia. Can I say poor baby Nuff?

I wonder how many people will go exclusive. I know that A also had plans to go exclusive before the debacle but now, they have to put it on hold unless they can come up with a deal that is almost impossible to pass up and see through with it.

I know that a lot of publishers are mad but do we really want to restrict ourselves of future opportunities. Yes, we may be paid higher or have a higher chance of winning in contests but if you don’t carry balls now, you also won’t carry balls even if you are exclusive and that would also mean that you will be at the bottom rung of the 100% of the exclusive publishers. Won’t that amount to the same thing?

Right now, being exclusive may mean that we are excluding three other companies only but we never know. Perhaps a better one will come along soon? I have already implemented new Double N ad codes on my blogs so I hope it will somewhat compensate what I will be losing from opting out of the exclusive programme.

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