Spies Also Need A Break

A month ago, I published a screenshot of someone who comes to all my blogs to spy on me. He/she comes by a few times a day that at first, back in June, I thought it was a bot but later, when we were slammed, I knew better.

I managed to get a little respite a few days ago during Christmas holidays when even spies took a few days off from surveillance of my blogs. Hah.. I knew that bloggers and their readers would take this chance to stay away from their blogs and the computer in general but even spies? LOL

I didn’t even miss him/her! I certainly can do without that one unique visit a day. The bad news is that he/she is already back! Bah….Such a hateful person.

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2 thoughts on “Spies Also Need A Break”

  1. Hi, Emily,

    Maybe your secret admirer leh….wuahaha…;D

    Happy New Year .. May All Your Dreams Realize In 2008…Fatt..Fatt..Fatt..Wa..should ask my hubby to renew our vow 20.08.2008 or 08.08.2008..

    I bet all restaurants will be fully booked on these dates.

    Vedis’s last blog post..What Is Fibromyalgia ?

  2. Vedis,

    Secret admirer won’t report me and make my page rank 0 wan lol

    I wish you Happy New Year and may the New Year bring you lots of joy, peace and good health.

    And happy wedding anniversary in advance as well 😀

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