Show off Weekend

What a weekend it has been. I had to meet up with friends to show off my iPhone. All of them “booked” me as soon as they found out that I won an iPhone and waiting along with me for its arrival.

Now that I have gotten it to work fully and I have learnt to use all of the features, they wanted to play with it and take pictures of it too. I also had to explain the features and stuff as if I was selling it and they were my potential buyers! LOL

Every where that I went to shoot photos to test the camera to see how well the colours will captured, people will go like, “WAH, that is that?” They could not decide if it’s a phone or camera. I had to tell them that it’s an iPhone but I am not sure if they get it but I’d still offer to let them check it out before I could continue shooting.

I think I would need to buy insurance for it! LOL

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