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A good friend told me that given my obsession with Poker, he would have to get me custom ceramic poker chips for Christmas. I have been obsessed (I admit) and trying to learn the game but nobody would teach me, since watching a Korean drama about a professional gambler. I think that life is a gamble, anyway!

I told him not to bother and that it’s the thought that count when it comes to gift giving but his idea got me all curious and I wondered if there is a company who could make custom poker chips. Can you imagine playing Poker with chips that you have designed yourself or carry your special “trademark”?

I was told to check out this URL where this company, ePokerChips offers two types of “true casino” ceramic poker chips, one is a full custom design while the other is a semi-custom design. Both will come in full color graphic.

I find it a very innovative idea to custom design Poker chips and the reason they are able to accommodate just about any design that we can come up with is because these ceramic chips are handmade. WOW I am impressed and I think that if someone takes the trouble to design a Poker chip as a gift and not for commercial reasons it would make a very meaningful gift.

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