Annual Call Home During Christmas Time

My sister, who lives and works in the United States, make international calls home to the family regularly. She has always used calling cards which she buys over the internet. That is smart of her because making long distance call would cost an arm and a leg if not for these discount phone cards!

My sister told me that since her company started to use the Small Business Long distance call services offered by 3longdistance, she also checked out the rates to call Malaysia and was surprised to learn that she could receive 180 free minutes upon signing up.

Based on the comparison chart, 3longdistance offers the lowest rates to call to Malaysian land line or mobile line. Do you know that making a long distance call from the United States to Malaysia is even cheaper than making a call within Malaysia?? Surprising, isn’t it?

I think my sister is lucky to have found this service just in time for that annual Christmas call home to friends and family!

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