Please Slap Me!

With the treatment Goog gave me and many of my fellow bloggers, I still could not help myself but use Google Search. Cheh, I thought I promised myself to use Yahoo! Search more. Yahoo! has always been kind to me and indexed so many of my pages and also gave me number positions for my keywords irrespective of whether the posts were sponsored or not.

I read that many of my similarly affected fellow bloggers have switched search engines and some even pulled off AdSense from their blogs and websites. It’s not uncommon to hear that some people were not even able to draw their first check two long years after implementing AdSense on their sites.

Some even went as far as dumping Goog shares but of course it wouldn’t make a difference to the price at all! Of all the measures taken, I have yet to hear of people dumping their Gmail accounts though! I have three Gmail accounts and cannot migrate from my accounts lol

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