LinkWorth’s Contest Worth Joining

I received an email regarding the launch of LinkWorth’s in early November but I have procrastinated in my post. Yes, I am the queen of procrastinator! Anyway, November is my birthday month so I am going to try my luck while waiting for my iPhone to arrive. GGGGrrrrrr!!!

I have been a LinkWorth partner since the beginning I think. I don’t really know when LinkWorth was set up but I saw that they were heavily advertised on Google AdSense. So I signed up (no, I did not click on my own ads, OK?).

After signing up, I got so confused that I never did anything about submitting my blogs or set my price! I did not have the time to explore until a couple of months later. And then LinkWorth decided to change the layout of the user-control panel and supposedly made it more user-friendly. It’s still a little confusing and daunting to a new user but this is only because LinkWorth offers an all-in-one monster blog monetization program where we are paid per post, paid to place a link on the side bar AND MY FAVORITE: Dig a keyword out from my archives and place a link of the sponsor/advertiser to the keyword. I understand that this is a monthly recurring charge just like those sidebar text links.

Can you imagine NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL and get paid for your old written work??? That’s the best, I tell you!

I know that there are more features that LinkWorth has that I still do not understand. If you are not a LinkWorth member yet, join now. I am their partner where I share 50/50 with them but that is fine with me. If like me, you are confused with the many things that LinkWorth offers, all I can say is: CLICK ON ALL THE TABS!

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