It’s Never Too Late To Study

A friend told me that I should get a tertiary education because although I have a job that does not depend on my level of education, it may still be helpful to improve myself while I still have time to myself. She said that once I am married or have kids, then it would be a thousand times more difficult. I do know what she means and appreciate her advice. I thought I’d go to a college nearby for convenience sake but I don’t relish the thought of being the oldest student in class.

My friend said that I’m just thinking too much and there are plenty of adult students pursuing their tertiary education. According to her, capella university, a full accredited online university has more than twenty thousand students from around the world. If they can juggle so many things in life AND their studies, why can’t I?

Good question!

Capella University offers a full range of certificate, undergraduate and graduate programs and there should be something that I have a passion for. I am glad that I have the option to study online thanks to the advancement of technology.

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