Is Friendster Still Relevant?

Most of my friends are already on Facebook and they tell me that it’s an addiction. I don’t know what they mean because I have not registered yet but I can do without the addiction, thank you very much.

Anyway, this morning, I received an email on Friendster Friend Update and was surprised that a lot of my friends are still active there with new friends added, new comments received, joined groups, became a fan (this is something I never heard of), added new photos or simply updated their profile.

I am a Frienster member and hardly ever log into my account unless I have a private message through the site so I am surprised that with the many new social sites coming out hourly, Friendster is still very much relevant to my friends.

If you are a member of both, do you find yourself moving all you activities to Facebook? With the tremendous growth of Facebook, it looks like many people have migrated.

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