iPhone Fever

It seems like a lifetime since I have been waiting for my iPhone to arrive. I hope that it will reach my hands by this month because this is a very special month. Today, I was feeling a little testy after waiting such a long time that I went to Flickr to look at photos of OTHER PEOPLE’S iPhone. Urghhh!!!

I actually wanted to view photos taken with the iPhone and not photos OF the iPhone but I could not find any. I’m not happy with the image quality of my Nokia E61i but then people tell me not to expect too much from a camera phone. They said that if I want a camera, go get a camera! Let me test out the iPhone’s camera first!!!

When I was browsing through Flickr, I came across this iPhone desktop wallpaper which was shared by a member. I have forgotten who but I grabbed it. See, iPhone Fever here :(

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