I’m Not A Food Blogger

It’s kinda weird that unlike other bloggers who would capture photos of whatever “good food” they ordered, I always forget despite carrying a camera and a camera phone with me. I know that if food bloggers missed the chance of taking shots of their dishes, that would be like they have committed a sin or something 😀

Although I do would like to take photos of my dishes as well, like yesterday’s curry laksa and fried rice, both signature dishes, I only remembered after digging in and by then it’s too late because the food arrangement has been spoilt. Bah!

Then there are times that I am with non-bloggers and they would certainly never understand the “need” to shoot those food pix before they are allowed to dig in. Haha!

Talking about food, I need to go on diet now! I’ve heard one too many times people commenting, “Yerrrr, so fat already!” Hahaha!

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