How To Look For Radiators

The hazard of spending too long hours on the internet is that everyone seems to think I know the internet like the back of my hand. Just last night, a friend told me that he needs my help in looking for a used Taurus Radiator for his old model Taurus.

I think I already mentioned that I have no interest in cars and do not like surfing to car sites unless I want to buy one but since this is a very easy task I’ll just help him with it.

I think it’s pretty no brainer that to look for radiators, the first place to look for it is on haha! That was what I did and I managed to locate his Taurus radiator just by following a few links from the homepage from the car manufacturer to car model to the year of the model.

I taught my friend what he should do to look for this Taurus radiator and hopefully he will look for other radiators easily like this.

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