Hitting The Right Keywords

It is funny that in the course of normal blogging, we sometimes write on a subject that suddenly everyone wants to know about. They do a search on the internet and come to your blog. I have this happened twice on different blogs. Now, I am not even talking about purposely writing about a sensational rape-cum-murder case or the talk of the century wedding of a superstar but something that we wrote before it even happened.

Of course, there are traffic from other organic searches as well but these two times, the traffic has been phenomenal and when I first noticed the spike in traffic from search engines for these keywords, I wondered, “Did something happen that I do not know about? How come the whole world wants to know about this person/issue/etc.?”

Haha of course I am not so dump to disclose what keywords they are otherwise you steal my traffic leh… how can, man? 😀 But then the internet is so fluid the keywords may be hot for a day, a month or even a year and nobody could tell.

What we could do is just continue blogging and hope to hit the jackpot once again! Yes, I get my kicks out of this!

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