Google Mail User Happiness Survey

A week ago, I wrote a post called Gmail’s Old Version, New Version. Well, I discovered that many people do not like to be forced to use the New Version because they prefer the old version. However, the default setting is the new version and every time we log into our Gmail account, we will have a new version and if we want it changed, we need to click on the link to revert to the old version.

I tell you, this gets pretty old pretty quickly.

You may wonder why we don’t like the new version. There are many little things that make the old version so much smoother than the new version but to write them all out would be tiresome.

Anyway, if you log into your Gmail account right now, you may notice that they are accepting feedback from users. This survey is called “Google Mail user happiness survey”. If, like me, you are unhappy with your new version Gmail, which I understand that they will totally do away with the old version later on, perhaps this is the time to let them know!

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