Email From A Sponsor

This morning, I received an email from one of my many sponsors who wrote to thank me for a job well done. Woot… I am so happy!

You know, sometimes as a blogger, I feel disconnected with the task at hand and although I always try my best to write my posts, sometimes I am not successful and it may not come up as I intended my article to sound like.

And sometimes, I feel that I have done an excellent job but then I do not even know if my sponsor feels the same. There is no way they could reach out to me or me to them and this transaction could feel very sterile and business like which I feel it is not.

So receiving such an email message is a breath of fresh air. It makes me happy and in the mood to write my posts for the day in a more cheerful tone. Yes, my mood comes across in all my posts so having a good morning is very important to me!

It’s all about communication and I hope that more sponsors have the means to reach out to the bloggers they work with.

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