Rediscovering The Convenience of Slow Cooking

We have a crock pot in our house that is hardly used. In fact, it is still kept in its original box and is mostly kept in the cupboard. I remember that my mother used to put stuff into the pot, turn the power on from night time until morning and the dish would be ready. That took long hours to cook but then we did not even have check the pot at all. So my only impression of the crock pot is not how delicious the food was but the convenience!

This morning, by chance, I came upon a website that is full of home cooked crock pot recipes and it reminds me of my mother’s crock pot. I personally like to cook but can never find the time to indulge in my hobby. Now that I am reintroduced to the crock pot, I am going to bring out the crock pot and start using it fully. Come to think of it, why haven’t I taken it out all these years? It was not cheap when my mom bought it and storing it away like this is a waste.

I am sure that I would be able to whip something up from the wide variety of recipes here and surprise my mom!

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