October: A Month Of Breast Cancer Awareness

A couple of year ago, my friend wanted to buy me a pashmina shawl as a birthday gift. That was the first time I heard of pashminas. I declined because it is not suitable for our weather and I would only have kept it unused.

If I had that pink pashmina with me right now, I would have twisted it into the shape of a ribbon and hung it by my window that is visible from the outside. October is a month of breast cancer awareness.

Last year when I started to blog, I wrote about it and this year is no different. I believe that every October will see me blogging about breast cancer education, awareness and research. I believe that it us our duty to spread the word, what more that I am a woman and the breast cancer threat is very real.

Although as a individual we are not able to do much, it is good to note that many companies are chipping in too. Pashmina International, for example, is donating 10% of all sales that include a pink pashmina to breast cancer research.

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