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Some of you may know that I manage an online business and I have a database of customers that I have to send occasional email updates to. After two years, my list has gotten longer and harder to manage.

I recently asked a friend of mine how he manages his mailing lists, which has almost ten thousand names on it but he told me that he is not using any software or program except the “Group Contacts” feature that comes with his email client. I was surprised. Surely there has got to be an economical yet professional way to handle that lengthy list?

A search on the internet brought me to iContact Email Newsletter Tool. I find that it is a very cost effective solution for people who have to mange long mailing lists and it starts at only $9.95 per month for the basic package. Of course, right now, I can still manage my list manually and does not yet warrant a web-based solution like this but if my list grows as large as my friend’s, I would surely need help!

One of my concerns about sending bulk email, even though they were opt-ins, is the deliverability of it. Running an email marketing campaign would be useless if the emails keep falling into the junk folders of my recipients. I know I would not check my spam mail and I do not expect them to. Therefore, I need a program that ensures that each and every mail that I send out reaches my target.

I am going to let my friend know about this because with ten thousand names on his list, he surely needs a good bulk email marketing solution.

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