Do I Start Selling Replica Sunglasses?

When I was surfing the internet, I came across a website that sells Wholesale Sunglasses and I remembered that many of my friends told me to get something to sell. ANYTHING! They think that I am wasting my time surfing the internet without a purpose. Eh, I am doing “research”, OK?

I figured that since I love Sunglasses so much, this would be a good product for me to sell. I get to look at my fashionable best and I also get to make a profit from selling these. They are cheap but Buyers need not know, right? SSShhhh!

Anyway, if I could even sell a couple of them, I would have the rest of the dozen for free and I would be able to use them fr myself or to sell them for $$$ What do you think, shall I start selling replica sunglasses or do I look for another product to sell?

According to sources, replica sunglasses are the “IN” thing right now and I do plan to strike while the iron is hot!

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