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I just came away from a blog last evening and saw a post that the blogger will never blog about betting and gambling and will not place any gambling links on her blog. I can understand her sentiments because not every one can handle gambling. It takes a lot of discipline. Gambling or betting is not wrong as long as it is not excessive and does not take over our life. And I believe that gambling is a game of skill and a little luck.

If you prefer online betting, and if you do not already know yet, there is this site called Bet365 that is a secure betting portal with a one-wallet system that allows members to bet any and all games from one account only. With its Sportsbook betting facility, you can just about bet on any casino games. From what I see, Bet365 has a full range of casino games, dedicated online poker playing section, and most of all live broadcasts

If you are into football betting or horse racing, no problem either. Bet365 is so much more than casino games. It’s a full-fledged online betting portal that supports casino games AND sports AND card games too.

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