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Yesterday, I was chatting with my friend about my websites and he asked me how many websites I have. I said I have more than ten and he went, “Whoa! How can you afford them??” Seriously, Web Hosting is not that expensive if we know where to look. There are many hosting companies that offer free, cheap or at least affordable web hosting packages for personal or commercial use. Of course, to look for these free or discounted hosting, we need to put in some effort.

Take for example, Comfort Hosting, which has a website at They offer three different packages to cater to our hosting needs. There is the Basic Plan that costs US$50 only per month, the Second Plan that is US$70 per month and Business Plan at US$100 per month. All these plans come without additional set up charges and offer unlimited sub-domains, Pop3/IMAP accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and mailing list.

If you are familiar with web hosting, you would know that some companies will charge an additional fee for the above. Therefore, it is important to find out before hand what exactly you are paying for and what will or will not be included in your plan.

As a webmaster with more than ten sites hosted on by four different companies, let me tell you that besides affordability, my other concerns are reliability with at least 99.99% up time and solid technical and customer support. I think these are what every webmaster look for in a web host.

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One thought on “Affordable Web Hosting By Comfort Hosting”

  1. I cannot stress enough how much research needs to be done before choosing a web host. I found out to my cost by signing up to a host and getting scammed by them. As well as checking out review sites, just do a websearch for the name of the company you’re looking into.

    The main thing I have found is to avoid companies that advertise “unlimited bandwith”. There is no way that they can live up to their promise.

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