A Way To Get More Website Traffic

I mentioned in a couple of post this past week that I thought of getting more contextual links pointing to my blogs and hence, raising the search engine results of my particular keywords. I wrote that I had a three-pronged attack to raise the page rank of my blogs, get more website traffic, raise my Technorati ranking and lower my Alexa ranking. A friend said that I am too ambitious. Am I?

But I think that I could garner more website traffic if I could optimize my site so that it is more search engine friendly and appear higher in the search engine results.

I know that I can’t possibly do this by myself and would rather let the professionals take care of my “dirty work”. According to Think Big Sites only approximately 2 – 5 % of all websites are properly optimized. I am surprised considering the amount of websites that are launched every single day! This got me thinking that if I do have my site optimized, I would literally beat the competition!

So I am all the more determined to get some funds together and engage the help of a search engine optimization company to get my sites tweaked as perfectly as possible.

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