The Voice Over Talent Named Don Capone

Just now as I was surfing the internet looking for things to write, I decided to check my bookmark and came upon the website address of Don Capone, voice over talent that I wrote a couple of times before previously. I have forgotten that I have his web address in my bookmark. I remember that when I first know of him, I was very impressed with his voice over talent and just now, when I listened to his voice over demo samplers again after such a long time, once again, I am impressed all over again!

If you do not know what I am talking about, you should hop over to Don Capone’s website right now and listen to his talented voice and you will understand. However, according to the website of Don Capone, Don is not merely a voice over artist or voice talent but also an actor and a personality. I don’t remember seeing him in any movies before, so I think by actor, they mean that he acted in commercials too, apart from providing voice overs.

The list of work that Don Capone has done in his career as a voice over talent is very impressive and they include commercial work for Fortune 500 companies. Check his site out, will you?

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